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Basket Weaving Supplies

Broken down by individual basket weaving supply type, this list will be helpful when you want to locate specific basket weaving materials, find your favorite basketry suppliers and compare prices at your favorite basketry outlet.

Antlers For Baskets
Naturally shed deer, moose and elk antlers, as well as antelope horns. Antler buttons, points and scrimshawed antler can all be used as basket weaving supplies.

Ash Woodsplint Basketmaking Supplies
Supplies for making black ash baskets. Fraxinus nigra hand pounded black (brown) ash woodsplint.

Bamboo Basketry Supplies
Growth habits of the bamboo plant, how to grow (cultivation) of bamboo, bamboo species mail order and on-site sales of bamboo plants.

Basket Bases
This is where you can find the basket bases you need. Includes sources for round, oval, square and rectangular slotted bases with drilled perimeters, slotted bases for sleighs, wagons, cradles, paper plate, napkin or condiment baskets, Cabin Boy, Grab and Go and other basketry designs.

Basketry Supplies
An ever changing selection of basket weaving supplies at bargain prices.

Birch Bark
Sources listed for birch bark sheets by the ounce and by the square foot.

Broomcorn Basket Weaving Supplies
Sorghum or broomcorn bundles and seeds for use in making baskets and brooms.

Bulrush Basketry and Seatweaving Supply
Use these sources to find bulrush, cattails, untwisted and twisted rush and other seat weaving supplies for old style rush seats and for weaving baskets.

Cane For Chair Seating and Basketry
Sources of strand chair caning and rattan for basket weaving. Carriage, super fine, fini-fine, fine, medium, common, binding rattan cane and more for chair seating and Nantucket Lightship basketry.

Red and Yellow Cedar Bark For Basketry
Locate cedar bark basket weaving supplies using these resources to help you create your very own baskets.

Cords, Threads and Strings For Basketmaking
Threads, strings and cord useful in making baskets. Find waxed linen thread, waxed hemp cord, beading thread, paper twist, sinew and more.

Dyes and Stains For Baskets
Dyes, Retayne and stains including Jadvick, Comcraft, Basket Tree, walnut hull dye concentrate and ground hulls by the pound.

There are many ways to embellish your finished baskets with items such as beads, feathers, buckles, ceramic tie-ons, scrimshawed ivory, quills, stencils or many other additions. Find them all here.

Exotic basketry materials and indigenous native naturals for use in basket weaving.

Resources and suppliers for fabric strips to use in crocheted rag baskets and other textile crafts.

Gourds For Basket Weaving
Find gourds to grow yourself or craft ready gourds that are cleaned, scraped, sanded, scrubbed, sterilized, for all your basketmaking projects.

Handles For Basket Weaving
Hoops, handles, wire handles, D handles, Williamsburg, swing handles, notched handles, bushel basket handles, Cabin Boy, Grab and Go and more.

Bundles of horse hair in a range of colors to be used in coiled or twined baskets.

Hickory Bark Splints for Basketry
Hickory bark splints for basketry and chair seating.

Basket Weaving Kits
Basket weaving kits for a variety of basketry types including commercial basic reed basket kits with step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions for beginner to advanced weavers.

Leather Accessories
Three and five strand braided straps, strips for basket hinges, straps, closings, harnesses, buckle latches and other leather accessories for baskets.

Liquid Glycerin
Glycerin is sometimes used as a wetting agent to make reed and other basketweaving materials more flexible and supple.

Round, rectangular, oval, heart-shaped and custom basket molds of turned hardwoods for Shaker, Yankee and Nantucket Lightship baskets.

Patterns: Basketry Pattern Suppliers
Basketry Patterns from a wide selection of suppliers and authors organized alphabetically by vendor business name. Some include free basket patterns.

Patterns: Free Basket Patterns
Find free basket patterns and projects using this list of sources culled from the free patterns offered by a variety of basket pattern authors. Fabric, reed, crocheted, holiday, native natural materials basketmaking patterns and other freebies.

Pine Needles For Basket Making
Long leaf Ponderosa, Georgia, Florida pine needles and pine cones in natural and dyed colors to use in all your coiled basketry projects.

Porcupine Quills
Source list for natural and dyed porcupine quills to be used as basketmaking materials.

Raffia is the fibrous inner covering of the leaves of Raphia palm from Madagascar that is often used in natural and dyed colors for stitching coiled basketry.

Flat, flat oval, round, natural, smoked, cane, machine woven cane, tole painting strips. Smoked reed, dyed reed in solid and space dyed colors. 

Used as a color fixative to control bleeding when using dyed basketmaking materials.

Source list for the basketry material seagrass.

Sources and plant information for Hierochlöe odorata. This plant, also known as Poaceae is often used in Native American basketry in the northeast US and Canada. Common Names: sweetgrass, holy grass, buffalo grass, vanilla grass, Zubrovka.

Find whatever you need for your basketry projects, a pyroengraving tool, froe, drawknife, shavehorse, awl, knife, rapping iron, brake, bodkin, grease horn, screw block, skeining cleave, reed cutter, rental mold, weaving stand, or other basketmaking tools.

Waxed Linen Thread
Wholesale and Retail sources of spools of waxed linen thread in 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 12 ply in a variety of colors to use as basketmaking supplies in all your waxed linen coiled, knotted and twined basketry projects.

White Oak Woodsplint
Sources for hand drawn, riven or split White oak woodsplint for basketmaking supplies.

Wholesale Basketry Supplies
Wholesale and discount sources for basketry supplies, tools, molds, bases, basket weaving books, kits, basketmaking patterns and wholesale sources of finished baskets.

Willow Basketmaking Supplies
Brown, white and buff willow rods, cuttings and plants to use in your willow basketry projects.

Wire Basketry Supplies
Wire basket handles, figural add-ons and wire weavers in a variety of colors and gauges.

Other Basketweaving Supplies
Unclassified basketry materials as well as a basketry supplies calculator.

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