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Basketry Patterns and Projects

Free Basketry projects and patterns on BasketMakers. Connections to basket patterns in a multitude of styles, by a wide variety of authors, from other suppliers, free for your use or available for sale.

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Art, Craft, Hobby and Collectibles Deals, Discounts, Sales, Rebates, Free Catalogs, Savings Coupons, Special Promotions, Affiliate Programs and Promotional Codes.

Assemble A Beginners Basketry Tool Kit
Assembling the tools you need to get started in basketry yourself or to make a gift basket for a beginning basketmaker couldn't be easier.

Black Ash Snowflake Ornament Pattern
Free pattern for a Black Ash and Sweetgrass Basketweave Snowflake Ornament. Make a Christmas Tree Ornament for your tree.

Black Ash Woodsplint Cuff Bracelet
Weave a stunning accessory item using illustrated instructions.

Black Walnut Dye Recipe
Recipe and resources for making Black walnut or other nut hull dyes for basketry.

Carved Basket Handle Layout And Vocabulary
The parts of a Bonnet Handle, with illustrated basic vocabulary and carving layout instructions.

Christmas Basketry Printable Gift Tags
Print out your own gift tags with a basketry theme.

Easter Basket Liner Pattern
Use this free pattern to stitch this simple cotton fabric basket liner project and make any Easter Basket more festive.

Gourd Birdhouse Pattern
Use a gourd, some pine needles and your basketry skills to create a bird house with a twined pine needle thatched roof.

Harvest Red Osier Dogwood For Basketmaking
A simple Arts and Crafts How to on harvesting red osier dogwood branches for basket weaving or other hobby.

Harvest Spruce Roots
Spend a lazy afternoon gathering spruce roots to use in your baskets. This feature article offers instruction on harvesting spruce roots.

How To Make A Thanksgiving Cornucopia - Free Basket Pattern
Gather the family together for a Thanksgiving dinner. Dress your table in its finest and decorate it with a hand woven cornucopia. This harvest basket can be made from round reed or gathered vines. The rim can be done in several variations of border patterns.

Knotless Netting Story Stone Pendant
Make a knotless netted story stone necklace using your basketmaking skills, a stone or other object you have collected and some waxed linen thread. You can keep your memories of a special trip alive by completing a project made from this free basketry pattern.

Lay Out An Eight Spoke Spider Woven Base
Use these instructions for laying out the base of an eight spoke, spider-woven, round basket.

Make Cordage To Use In Your Basketry
Instruction and resources to make cordage from plant fibers for your baskets.

Make A Black Ash Woodsplint Cuff Bracelet
Free instruction on how to weave a Black Ash Woodsplint Cuff Bracelet.

Make A Basketweave Dreidel - Free Printable Craft Project
Gather the family or organize a classroom activity for a crafts project. Make a paper dreidel and play a Chanukah holiday game using this free printable crafts pattern.

Make A Vintage Round Reed Lily Basket
The first antique basketweaving pattern in the BasketMakers Vintage Files is the Lily Basket, an old pattern that first appeared in George Wharton James' classic book from the turn of the century, Practical Basket Making.

Make A Wine and Cheese Gift Basket
All the resources you will need to make and fill a champagne and cheese gift basket.

Paper Easter Basket A Free Printable Crafts Project
Make this little paper basket and fill it up with Easter grass, jelly beans, marshmallow peeps or small gifts to decorate your Easter Dinner table. You can write each guest's name on the handle before assembling and use the baskets as place cards. This craft project is one you can print out with your own computer and make as a holiday family or classroom activity.

Plant A Willow Bed
A simple How to on planting willow for basketry.

Pound An Ash Tree Into Splints
Black ash (Fraxinus nigra) is a ring porous wood that can be pounded apart into woodsplints each as thick as an annual growth ring of the tree. These splints are used as basketry materials.

Snowflake Basketweave Ornament
Free pattern for a Black Ash and Sweetgrass Basketweave Snowflake Ornament. Make a Christmas Tree Ornament for your tree.

Square Black Ash Basket With Curls Pattern
This feature article provides illustrated free instructions to make a 4" x 4" square black ash woodsplint basket with curl embellishment.

Stain A Reed Basket
A simple Hobby or Arts and Crafts How to on staining finished reed baskets with commercial wood stain.

Twig Beads To Make As Embellishments
Make wooden twig beads from the branches of the trees in your yard to use as embellishments for your baskets or as a garland or necklace for your next nature craft project.

Use Basket Clip Art To Make Your Own Web Page
Make a personal basketry web page of your own with this free flower basket clip art to use with a blue weave border background web page graphics set.

Weave A Lavender Wand Project
Use your basket weaving skills to make a fragrant lavender wand from the flowers in your garden. An illustrated free pattern.

Weave With Black Ash Woodsplint
Tips on how to work with black ash woodsplint in your basketweaving projects.

Valentine's Day Printable Paper Favor Basket
Make a basket to fill with candy hearts or tiny gifts. Includes free Valentine's Clip Art puffed heart line.

Basket Pattern Vendors
Basketry Patterns from a wide selection of suppliers and authors organized alphabetically by vendor business name. Some include free basket patterns.

Free Basket Pattern Sources
Find free basket patterns and projects using this list of sources culled from the free patterns offered by a variety of basket pattern authors. Fabric, reed, crocheted, holiday, native natural materials basketmaking patterns and other freebies.



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