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Native Materials For Basketry

Natural Basketry Materials, whether you are looking for black ash, birch bark, cedar bark, willow cuttings, devil's claws, pine needles, gourds, basswood, milkweed, sweetflag, bullrush, cattail, sedge, spruce root or any of many other materials for basketry you will find direction here.

Baskets From Nature's Bounty
by Elizabeth Jensen
Natural materials and their uses for basketry is discussed and illustrated. This book will help you identify, harvest, prepare and use native materials in your work. The works of a variety of basketmakers is presented. Hardcover.
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California Plant Use in Basketry
Learn more about the culture, gathering practices and use of California native plants such as Mulenbergia rigens, rhus trilobata, deergrass, sumac, chia, Juncus textilis, mesquite tree roots, redbud, ironwood and others by Luiseño, Acjachemen, Kumeyaay, and Chumash basketweavers as they preserve the cultural practices essential to their indigenous cultures.

Feathers and the Law
If you buy, sell or collect art objects that include feathers, you should be aware of the various laws that govern this commerce.

Growing A Basket Garden
All sorts of resources to help you grow plants in your garden that you can incorporate into your basketry.

Items For Sale and the Migratory Bird Act
Learn the regulations covering the sale of items that include controlled feathers.

Jewelry From Nature: 
45 Great Projects Using Sticks & Stones, Seeds & Bones
by Cathy Yow
Learn how to make embellishments for your baskets using sticks, stones, seeds, bones, nuts and other natural materials.

More Books About Natural Basketry
There are many books about using native natural plant materials in basket making.

Natural Basketry Materials: Antlers
Deer, moose, elk antlers by the pound, antelope horns, drilled antler buttons, slices, points and scrimshaw antler. Antler Baskets, Antler Basketmakers and Antler Basketry Supplies

Natural Basketmaking Materials: Baleen
Baskets made of baleen, the black fiber filtering system from the mouth of a baleen whale. Many of these baskets are coiled and lidded with carved ivory as decoration.

Natural Basketweaving Materials: Bamboo
General background of Bamboo Basketry. How to grow bamboo as a basketry material. How to prepare it for weavers. Making a bamboo basket. Weave patterns and master basketmakers.

Natural Basketry Materials: Black Ash Woodsplint
Plant identification, cultivating, harvesting and processing Black Ash (Fraxinus nigra) as a natural material used for basketmaking.

Native American Ethnobotony
A compilation of the plants used by North American native peoples for medicine, food, fiber, dye, and a host of other things. Anthropologist Daniel E. Moerman has devoted 25 years to the task of gathering together the accumulated ethnobotanical knowledge on more than 4000 plants. More than 44,000 uses for these plants by various tribes are documented here.

Natural Basketweaving Materials: Cattail
Plant profile of cattail, harvesting, preparation and use in basketry.

Natural Basketmaking Materials: Cedar
Essays on the historical significance of cedar, general background of cedar bark basketry, cedar baskets, basketmakers specializing in cedar basketmaking, as well as harvesting and preparation of red and yellow cedar.

Natural Materials For Making Baskets : Devil's Claw
Information on the plant Devil's Claw Proboscidea parviflora ssp. parviflora. How it grows, how it is processed and used in basketry.

Natural Materials: General Plant Info
General plant information sources for native natural materials used in basketmaking.

Fibre Basketry - Homegrown and Handmade by Fibre Basket Weavers of S. Australia Inc.

Fibre Basketry - Homegrown and Handmade
by Fibre Basket Weavers of S. Australia Inc.
Native and introduced plants of Australia (most of which can be found in The United States) are described. Suggestions on how to prepare and use them in basketry are offered. Over 200 excellent photographs and drawings illustrate baskets, materials and techniques. Hardcover. 

Natural Materials For Weaving Baskets: Gourds
Gourds For Basketmaking general background information, gourd basketmakers, mailing lists, forums and events.

Natural Materials Used in Basketmaking: Horsehair
Bundles of horse hair by the pound and by the ounce in natural and dyed colors to be used as basketry supplies in twined or coiled baskets.

Natural Materials for Coiling Baskets: Pine Needles 
Wide selection of pine needle basketry resources including supplies, books, techniques, projects, tutorials and connections to pine needle basketmakers.

Natural Baskets by Maryanne Gillooly (Editor)

Natural Baskets  
by Maryanne Gillooly (Editor)
More than 20 projects, with some suitable for the novice basketmaker, covering techniques of weaving, twining, coiling, braiding and stitching of natural materials gathered from gardens, fields and woods. Paperback book.
More Native Natural Materials Basketry Books

Natural Basketry Materials : Rattan / Reed
Find out about how basket reed is produced from the core of a thorny palm (mostly genera Calamus, Daemonorops or Plectomia) which grows like a vine into the forest canopy of the jungles of South East Asia and Indonesia and is imported for use in basketmaking.

Natural Basketry Materials: Rivercane
Description of the process of the harvest and processing of rivercane for use in basketweaving, along with many rivercane basketry resources.

Natural Basketry Materials: Sweetgrass (Hierochlöe odorata)
Plant information, distribution, harvesting instructions, photos and much more info on this useful grass used in northeast Native American Indian basketry.

Natural Basketry Materials: Sweetgrass (Muhlenbergia filipes)
The variety of sweetgrass used in coiled baskets made in the area around Mt. Pleasant South Carolina near Charleston.

Natural Basketry Materials: White Oak (Quercus alba)
Split, drawn, rived and woven white oak woodsplint made by traditional and contemporary basketmakers.

Natural Materials Used in Basketry: Willow Plant Info
Information on willow as a native natural plant material for basketmaking. Plant identification, culture of willow, harvesting and processing.

Processing Yucca Fibers
ReWild offers an illustrated tutorial which will teach you how to extract the long, white fibers from yucca (Yucca spp.) leaves for making cordage and process fibers from the leaves of the yucca plant for use in basketry.

Use of Wildlife in Arts and Crafts
An overview of the federal regulations covering the use of animal parts like antlers, feathers, claws, ivory or other items in the United States.

YouTube has an interesting selections of video clips on a variety of topics, but it can be more than a bit raunchy at times. I have put together a handpicked playlist of native natural materials basketry video clips and present them here in a customized player just for basketmakers and collectors. Start the video by clicking on the triangle shaped button. Once you start the first video, run your mouse along the bottom edge of the player screen to preview or select from the full list. In addition you may choose to visit my Basketry Video Playlists, YouTube Channel or BasketMakers Group. Although I have done my best to avoid inappropriate "popular culture" content, viewer discretion is advised.

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