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Daily Crafting Deals


Design products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, mugs and mouse pads with your baskets on them. Copyright © Susi Nuss



Coiled Basketry

Coiled baskets in full size and miniature, including imbricated, Native American, O'odham man-in-the-maze pattern, coiled willow, cattail, sweetgrass, palm, willow, sedge, pine needle, cedar bark, brush sumac, some embellished with feathers, beads and shells.

Apache Basketry
Apache Basketry
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Butterfly Coiled Trays
Hopi offers Hopi coil plaques and baskets from Second Mesa Villages of Shongopavi, Sipaulovi and Mishongnovi. They are used for storage and carrying of corn kernels and other goods.

Chinese Knot Coiling Instructions
Baskets in Polynesia a book by Wendy Arbeit has been reproduced with permission from the publisher in ebook format as part of the resources assembled by The book includes plaited basketry techniques from the South Pacific. Diagrams for the Chinese knot (page 110), French braid and many types of twill plaiting are included. The ebook is in .pdf format and you will need an adobe reader to view it.

Kitty Chrysalis
Basketmaker from the Ozark Mountains of Missouri uses recycled, scrap electrical copper wire, salvaged vinyl coated telephone wire and lampworked dichroic glass beads to coil sculptural basketry.

Coiled Basketry Baby Carrier 1050-1300 B.C.
Anasazi coiled baby carrier. Maybe this is the mother of all baby carriers.

Coiled Basketry Classroom Pack
Teachers and instructors of beginning coiled basketmaking classes can purchase all that they need to teach beginners the craft of coiled basketry from Dick Blick. This kit includes enough material to make over 30 coiled baskets, each 4" high with a 5" top diameter. Trays, coasters, and decorations can also be made from this pack.

Choose from 1800 yards (48 oz) of assorted yarn in a variety of textures, and over 20 colors including popular earth tones. The kit also includes 360 ft (about 110 meters) of ¼" diameter coiling core, 30 blunt large eye needles, and easy-to-follow instructions complete with diagrams. Stock your summer craft program today.

Coiled Baskets
An ever-changing selection of coiled baskets at auction or buy-it-now offerings at

Coiled Fabric Baskets
An entire page of resources to locate supplies for coiling fabric and fiber baskets.

Coiled Gullah Sweetgrass Basketry
A full range of resources about the coiled sweetgrass basketry tradition of the South Carolina Lowcountry including Gullah basketmakers and the tradition of sweetgrass basketry commonly found at roadside stands along Route 17 North in Mt. Pleasant South Carolina near Charleston.

Craft Coiling Core
Looking for the soft white paper firm yet flexible cord that you use as a core for coiled baskets? This fiber wrapped craft cord designed for coiled basket projects is available in 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" sizes.

Hopi Basketry Second Mesa Style
Hopi women continue a centuries-long tradition of coiled basketry. Colorful katsina, animal and geometric designs include symbolism and tradition.

American Indian Baskets I
American Indian Baskets I
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Marilyn Moore
Known to many because of her active conference teaching schedule this Seattle, WA fiber artist works in coiled pine needle as well as twined wire with bead embellishment.

Debora Muhl
Basket artist from Whitsett, NC. Specializes in sculptural coiled baskets of natural materials including sweetgrass.

Basket Weaving Essentials DVD with Nadine Spier
In this 2-hour high-definition DVD, Nadine provides clear, concise instructions. The outstanding HD close-up photography shows all the steps in coiling a basket! Instruction includes how to start around a stone cabochon, around objects with holes (walnut slices, brooches, etc), 3 different stitches, how to master shaping the basket, how to finish, different plants you can weave with, and lots more.

Native American Coil Basketry
NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art offers photos of various coiled basket forms and links to directions on coiling techniques.

Navajo Ceremonial Baskets
Navajo baskets are usually made with a two-rod-and-bundle-coiled technique of sumac and yucca. Natural materials are used to dye the material.

O'odham Coiled Willow Baskets
From the collection of the Arizona State Museum, three stunning coiled willow, devil's claw and cattail baskets from the early 1900's.

American Indian Baskets II
American Indian Baskets II
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Paiute Miniature Covered Basket
This very small coiled basket of willow and devil's claw was created around 1920–1930.  It is in the Illinois State Museum Collection.

Pomo Fancy Baskets
Coiled baskets of willow, sedge embellished with feathers, beads or shells.  Made by the Pomo for gifts or ceremonies.

Pottery Starts for Coiled Baskets
Pamela Zimmerman offers ceramic basket bases in a wide range of designs, patterns and kits for basketmaking, supplies for coiled basketry such as threads and tools like her needle grabbers along with basket charms and tie-ons.

Peggy Wiedemann
This basket artist from Huntington Beach, CA uses natural fibers and gourds to create coiled sculptural baskets. She personally gathers many of her materials, such as pine needles and palm fibers. To these natural materials, she adds metal, beads and “found” objects to form unique pieces. Using these traditional materials and the classic basketry technique of coiling in unorthodox ways, she creates pieces uniquely hers.

Western Apache Coiled Baskets
Basketry bowls, burden baskets, canteens and jars using native material such as sumac, yucca, willow and devil's claw (martynia). From The Millicent Rogers Museum.

Elizabeth Whyte Schulze
This Worthington, MA artist creates contemporary basketry sculpture by coiling natural materials such as pine needles, reed and raffia, into varied shapes. Once each basket is completed she covers the surface with acrylic paint using dots, washes, stylized human figures and marks often inspired by petroglyphs (ancient markings pecked on stone). She exhibits in juried shows nationally and her work is represented in prominent galleries such as Mobilia Gallery, James Gallery and Del Mano Gallery. She teaches workshops and delivers lectures on basketry at locations including Snow Farm, Fuller Craft Museum and Fiber Arts Center.

C. Elizabeth Smathers
This Tulsa, Oklahoma basket artist combines coiled pine needle basketry with bases she has formed from shaped and fired raku clay, sliced wood turned wooden vessels or unusual gourd shapes. She is one of the winners in the 2011 NICHE Award Professional Basketry Category.



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