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Daily Crafting Deals


Design products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, mugs and mouse pads with your baskets on them. Copyright  Susi Nuss

Beginners Basketry

Basket Weaving For Beginners and related information of interest to families with kids and beginning basketmakers, with some fun stuff along the way. Find the answer to the question: "How do I learn how to make a basket?" Find resources for kits and supplies to make simple entry level baskets.

Anatomy Of A Basket Handle
The parts of a Bonnet Handle, with illustrated basic vocabulary. Drawn from an article authored by Susi Nuss. The article first appeared in the June 1988 issue of The News Basket, published by Shereen LaPlantz.

Assemble A Beginners Basketry Tool Kit
Assembling the tools you need to get started in basketry yourself or to make a gift basket for a beginning basketmaker couldn't be easier.

Basket Base Table Mat
An old pattern that first appeared in George Wharton James' classic book from the early 1900's, Practical Basket Making. It can be used by itself or the technique can be used to make a round basket base for many other round work basketry styles. One of the antique basketweaving patterns in the BasketMakers Vintage Files.

The Basket Book by Lyn Siler - A book for beginner basketmakers Image copyright  Susi Nuss The Basket Book
by Lyn Siler
A good choice for the beginning basketmaker. Terminology, instructions, materials, techniques and helpful hints for making 32 different functional, decorative baskets. Over 600 illustrations. Paperback.

Basket Construction Methods
Most basket construction methods are a variation or elaboration of four basic methods - coiling, twining, weaving and plaiting.

Basketry Fun Games Puzzles And More
Just for fun. Free online games like tic-tac-toe, jigsaw puzzles, word search puzzles, printable coloring pages and more, all with a basket weaving theme.

Basketweaving Books for Children and Beginners
Selected books for teaching basic basketmaking skills to children and beginners.

Basketweaving Kits for Children and Beginners
S&S Worldwide offers a wide selection of beginning basket weaving kits such as round reed trays, plastic weaving bowls, group quantity kits and other basic weaving instructional crafts like looper pot holders, paper basket weaving forms, raffia and other weaving project supplies for children and others just starting to learn basketry. These kits are also useful in therapy, rehabilitation, summer camp, day care, school and any other environment where arts and crafts workshops or classes are taught.

Beginner Basketry Skills
Teach groups of young children, scouts, crafters at summer camp or other beginners basketweaving concepts and skills with this Roylco Weaving Baskets Class Pack from Dick Blick. Weave bright, rainbow patterned paper strips to make unique baskets. Pre-cut paper and an idea guide is included. 12 baskets per pack in 6 bright colors.

Beginner Muffin Basket by Linda Clifton
A pattern for a basic reed cross-spoked round basket with dyed accent colors and a seagrass rim filler one of several free beginner basketry patterns from The Country Seat.

Blue Ridge Basket Kits Egg Basket  
All-inclusive basketry kits for market, potato, egg, cotton and Shaker style Cat Head baskets. Reed materials, instructions and creative tips are included.

Books About Basketry
Find a selection of pre-selected basketry books that you may purchase online through a bookseller partnership with BasketMakers.

Burgundy Hill Basket Kits
Each kit contains all the reed you'll need and includes an illustrated instruction booklet. For assorted basket styles including hearth, apple, berry, market and wall.

Children's Basketry Literature
Fiction for children and young adults that features baskets, basketmakers or basketmaking.

Coiled Basketry Classroom Pack
Teachers and instructors of beginning coiled basketmaking classes can purchase all that they need to teach beginners the craft of coiled basketry from Dick Blick. This kit includes enough material to make over 30 coiled baskets, each 4" high with a 5" top diameter. Trays, coasters, and decorations can also be made from this pack.

Choose from 1800 yards (48 oz) of assorted yarn in a variety of textures, and over 20 colors including popular earth tones. The kit also includes 360 ft (about 110 meters) of ¼" diameter coiling core, 30 blunt large eye needles, and easy-to-follow instructions complete with diagrams. Stock your summer craft program today.

Coiling Core
Just need coiling core? Several sizes are available from Blick Art Materials.

Halloween Printable Paper Nut Basket
Make this little printable paper basket and fill it up with candy corn or small gifts for your Halloween party guests. Write each guest's name on the handle before assembling to use the baskets as place cards.

How To Get Started In Basketry
So you've decided to learn to make your first basket or build on basic skills, but don't know where to begin. Here are a few suggestions to get you off to a good start.

How To Turn Down and Tuck Basket Spokes
Instructions for basketmaking. A simple How to on turning down and tucking spokes when preparing to insert a handle and lash a rim to a basket.

Newspaper Sit-Upon
Learn basketweaving techniques by making a woven newspaper sit-upon with these FREE step-by-step craft instructions. A free basketweaving project pattern by Susi Nuss.

Paper Valentine's Day Basket
St. Valentine's Day Paper Basket. A free printable holiday family craft project you can use as a party favor or fill with tiny gifts.

Paper Weaving Lesson Plan
This project tutorial using construction paper will give young students experience working with the basic concept of basket weaving.

How To Stain Reed Baskets
Here is a easy way to add color to your flat or round reed baskets with commercial wood stains.

Basketry Tool Kit 5 Tools with Storage Pouch
Awl, sizing gauge, clippers, packing tool and trimming snips.

Birch Bark Canoe
Make a miniature birch bark canoe trimmed in sweetgrass with these instructions from NativeTech.

Boy Scout Basketry Badge Requirements
From U. S. Scouting Service Project, information on the requirements for the Boy Scout basketry merit badge.

Busy Bunny Treats
For your family bunny a selection of woven peeled and unpeeled willow baskets, tunnels and chew rings.

Corn Husk Dolls
Instructions on how to make a cornhusk doll with male or female costume by Tara Prindle.

From the Native Nevada Classroom project a description of the variety and uses of the cradleboard in Shosone culture.

Deluxe Metal Hand Weaving Loom & Hook
Teach simple basketweaving skills as you make placemats, potholders, afghans and more using the Jersey hoop technique and this metal weaving loom.

Flowered Basket
A computer project from Making Friends involving the download of the patterns for a paper basket decorated with flowers. They even offer a matching flowered hat pattern to complete the outfit.

Kids and Beginners Basketry Kits
Atkinson's Country House offers a variety of beginning basketry kits with materials and instruction for completing simple Basket Weaving For Beginners projects.

Loom Kit & Loops
Use this simple loom to teach the concept of under and over basketweaving skills as you make woven pot holders and other fun craft projects. Kit includes plastic loom, hook and cotton terry loops, plus instructions.

Love To Weave Patterns
From Patricia Yunkes of Cooksburg, Pennsylvania. A selection of flat reed, round reed and naturals basketry patterns, includes patterns suitable for children and Basket Weaving For Beginners.

Making a Miniature Birch Paper Canoe
Tara Prindle offers instruction on how-to make a toy birch paper canoe edged with sweetgrass.

Natural Reed For Basketmaking
Undyed flat reed and round reed in a range of sizes in one pound coils for your basketweaving projects is available from Dick Blick along with many other supplies for fiber crafts.

Newspaper Baskets
Newspapers, tempera paint, tape and glue are all you will need to make these paper baskets out of "newspaper reeds".

Potholder Loom & Cotton Loops
How many of us remember weaving potholders on a loom like this? Hearthsong has improved their longtime bestselling set by pairing the authentic metal loom with your choice of bright, colorful cotton loops in deep, rich, nonfading colors. Sets include the loom, weaving hook, cotton loops and easy instructions. Each kit makes three potholders. You may order extra loops to create lots more potholders; they make outstanding gifts. Colors may vary. This is an excellent way for ages 6 to adult to learn the basic under one, over over plain basket weave stroke or simple twill weave patterns.
Sizes Loom 7-1/2"-square Completed Potholder approx. 6" square.

Project Willow
An environmental education project developed by the Department of Teaching and Learning Technologies at the University of Nevada, Reno designed to help students understand Native Culture.

Split Willow Stick Deer
Tara Prindle of Native Tech offers how-to instructions for a toy resembling the split willow deer figure from the Cowboy Cave site in Utah.

Splint Woven Basketry by Robin Taylor Daugherty

Splint Woven Basketry 
by Robin Taylor Daugherty
Updated edition of this book gives detailed, step-by-step instructions on making ribbed, spoked and plaited baskets using gathered or purchased materials. Paperback.

Teachers Gift Basket
Free project sheet from Floral Home for a teachers gift basket decorated with a dried apple slice and a bow and filled with an assortment of gift items. Suitable for you to assist your child to make for their teacher.

Time To Weave : Simply Elegant Projects to Make in Almost No Time
by Jane Patrick
This beginner's guide to non-loom weaving teaches techniques such as plaiting, braiding, stringing and knotting using everyday materials such as copper tape, plastic sheeting, paper, yarn and natural materials to make baskets, mats and other decorative accessories. (Paperback)

Toy Cattail Dolls
Instructions for making toy dolls of cattails by Tara Prindle of Native Tech.

Toy Cattail Ducks
How-to instructions by Tara Prindle of Native Tech for making floating toy ducks of cattails.

Twist or Treat Basket
Free basket pattern that shows you step-by-step instructions on how to weave a Halloween basket from a paper grocery bag. This could be adapted to other seasons by using different colors of paper twist making a great project for kids.

Wild Pony Baskets
Beginners basket kits made of colored rolled paper. Easy starter projects with complete instructions and all needed supplies. Online ordering from the secure online store or choose phone, fax or mail ordering.



Wicker Basketry by Flo Hoppe
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